Final Decision: MiT (English)

I just accepted the offer to do a Ph.D. in Economics at Massachussets Institute of Technology (MiT), Boston, which according to the statistics, it is the best graduate program in the world altogether with Harvard.

It has not been an easy process. First because being accepted was very hard, I have put a lot of effort to become an economics Ph.D. candidate from an engineering background. But choosing has also been hard, Stanford presented me with many doubts.

In september I am leaving for (at least)  5 years, not without doubts, not without fears, not without thinking about all the life I will miss here. But I leave to come back, because new MiT will open new opportunities for me that would be unthinkable if I stayed here. Those will be though years, away from home, with 6 hours of time difference, and average temperatures on winter below 0 degrees. But I will also learn a lot and from the best, and I will be surrounded by people equally excellent. Writting a Ph.D. thesis will be a challenge, having a huge question mark after it is not ideal, but I hope eveything goes well.

I want to finish this post mentioning all the people that, in a more direct or indirect way, they made this dream possible, a dream that just begins: Judit Valls for being always in my side and decide to follow me, Jordi Galí, Jaume Ventura, and Miguel Àngel Barja for the reccomendation letters, which where critical, Andreu Mas-Colell, Elsa ArtadiPol AntràsEdouard SchaalIsaac Baley and Aitor Laquesta for their motivation and insights that gave me, Mikel Petri, for being my host and mentor, and to all my friends that supported my explanations and doubts, specially Dorian, Rachel and Cameron. And finally, the Fundació Obra Social La Caixa, for funding me.
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